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Preventive Maintenance Agreements

Our customized true, planned, Preventive Maintenance Programs are designed for your specific building, equipment and components.  After a building assessment that includes a thorough survey and collection of some financial data, Utah Engineering Co. provides recommendations and the implementation of a maintenance program fitting your budget and situation.

Our Planned Preventive Maintenance Programs are custom designed for your facility and the associated equipment. The scheduling and tasking provide the right work at the right time for specific equipment and components based on manufacturer recommendations, industry standards such as ANSI-ASHRAE- ACCA Standard 180. The thorough maintenance programs save you money, extend the useful life of equipment and improve effectiveness in a pro-active approach that gives you complete peace of mind.

From the comprehensive recommendations to the scheduling, tasking and reporting associated with each commercial maintenance agreement, we help you remain pro-active to help eliminate surprises.

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