A Proven Comprehensive Approach

How Utah Engineering Can Help Your Facility and Business

Our Approach:

Utah Engineering will perform a comprehensive survey to evaluate the operations of the buildings’ environmental and energy systems. We will also review operating procedures in our survey. The study is performed to identify any problems that exist as well as provide an equipment list. Potential savings, problems and comfort concerns will be reviewed. We will review the costs related to operating the systems to provide energy efficient, cost effective, professional recommendations.

The Building Assessment Survey:

We will conduct a complete mechanical and control system inventory of the facility. We will evaluate the maintenance procedures of the mechanical equipment related to heating, ventilating and air conditioning, HVAC. We will identify problem areas and interview the staff regarding potential concerns. This is a professional approach to evaluate comfort, equipment efficiency and energy consumption.

Financial Analysis:

Utah Engineering will review the costs associated with operating and maintaining the facility. We will review and identify repair, maintenance, replacement and labor costs. As well, we will review the costs associated with emergencies and all utility costs associated with operating the HVAC systems.


We will provide recommendations developed by you, your staff, our engineers, managers and building solutions providers to; improve systems’ operating efficiencies, improve comfort conditions, address problem areas and reduce the total cost of operating the HVAC mechanical systems. You receive actual value-based recommendations.

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